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Pressure regulator Wikipedia

A pressure regulator is a valve that controls the pressure of a fluid or gas to a desired value, using negative feedback from the controlled pressure. Regulators are used for gases and liquids, and can be an integral device with a pressure setting, a restrictor and a sensor all in the one body, or consist of a separate pressure sensor, controller and flow valve.

Coriolis Mass Flow Meters for Liquid and Gas Measurement

r = Molar Weight F p = Flow pressure effect compensation factor Coriolis Flow Sensor ... should be known in order to select the proper size sensor. Pressure drop should always be considered with any flow ... 11. natural gas; storage, transmission and distribution

Phase Behavior and Physical Parameters of Natural Gas ...

Pressure sensor: It is 0~100 MPa, and precision of pressure control is 1 Psi. ... is the gas molecular weight; is the air molecular weight, ... The critical pressure of natural gas with high CO 2 content increases with increasing CO 2 content in natural gas when CO 2 content in natural gas is …

Pressure Transmitters for Natural Gas Skidmounted Facilities

Apr 20, 2021· In addition, Micro Sensor provides MDM3051S differential pressure transmitter to monitor the differential pressure or micro pressure in the natural gas skidmounted facilities. With an accuracy of ±% FS, it converts the measured natural gas pressure into a …

Residential House Prepaid Natural Gas Meter ... Gas sensor

Residential Ultrasonic Gas Meter. /G4. USM Series Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter is a type of electronic meter that adopts TOF (Time of Speed) principle to measure flow velocity of gas medium, with class accuracy and high stability, /G4 is widely applied for residential natural gas metering application. Product Inquiry.

Kele Gas and Specialty Sensors | Kele

Kele Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Kele Carbon Dioxide Sensors and more building automation productions available to ship. At Kele we make it easy to find the right Gas and Specialty Sensors …

Natural Gas Pressure Gauge | Products Suppliers ...

Compatible with natural gas, air, and other gaseous media, the 8MPP2 is an atmospheric pressure reference sensor that accurately measures the pressure in the 01 psig to 05 psig range Browse Pressure Sensors Datasheets for Sensata Technologies

Pressure measurement Wikipedia

Pressure measurement is the analysis of an applied force by a fluid (liquid or gas) on a surface. Pressure is typically measured in units of force per unit of surface techniques have been developed for the measurement of pressure and used to measure and display pressure in an integral unit are called pressure meters or pressure gauges or vacuum gauges.

ExMa explosionproof Natural Gas Dew Point Meter

Weight Total: Lbs ( Kg) Pressure: 5000 PSIA (345 Bar) Flow Control Orifice can be placed at Inlet (default) or Outlet; Built in serviceable/cleanable 100 micron Filter. Temperature Range. ExMa Moisture Meter: 20°C to +60°C. Electronics: 40°C to +85°. Moisture Sensor: 20°C to +60°C.

: Natural Gas Properties | PNG 301: Introduction to ...

For natural gases we are also most interested in the Gas Formation Volume Factor, B g, and the Gas Viscosity, μ g, as these properties strongly influence gas storage (and accumulation) and gas most reservoir engineering calculations, the gas formation volume factor (and Gas Compressibility, c g, and Gas Density, ρ g) can be determined from the Real Gas Law, Equation :

How To Measure Pressure with Pressure Sensors NI

Aug 26, 2020· A common cause of sensor failure in pressure measurement applications is dynamic impact, which results in sensor overload. A classic example of overloading a pressure sensor is known as the water hammer phenomenon. This occurs when a fast moving fluid is suddenly stopped by the closing of a valve.

Model CBLE Boilers 125800HP

• NOx performance for 60 ppm (natural gas corrected to 3% O2) uses a standard size combustion air fan for induced flue gas recirculation. • NOx performance for 30, 25, or 20 ppm (natural gas corrected to 3% O2) includes a larger combustion air fan/ motor assembly and a larger internal NOx reduction system.

Fundamentals of Natural Gas Water Vapor Measurement

If liquid water has formed in the gas as a result of changes in pressure and temperature during the ... sensor. The flow rate and pressure of the ... Fundamentals of Natural Gas Water Vapor Measurement Page 4 of 4 Transmission H 2

Is Natural Gas Heavier than Air? (Sources, Weights ...

Apr 15, 2020· No, natural gas is not heavier than air, Its molecular weight ranges between 1618. It is a hydrocarbon mixture composed primarily of methane but includes other components like ethane and propane and small amounts of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. The molecular weight of dry air is estimated to be just under 29.

Fundamentals of Natural Gas Water Vapor …

If liquid water has formed in the gas as a result of changes in pressure and temperature during the ... sensor. The flow rate and pressure of the ... Fundamentals of Natural Gas Water Vapor Measurement Page 4 of 4 Transmission H 2


Natural Gas/Inlet Pressure less than 2 PSI/ Pressure drop .5" / Specific Gravity 1/2" pipe capacity 3/4" pipe capacity 1" pipe capacity 11/4" pipe capacity 11/2" pipe capacity 2" pipe capacity 20'' Length* 118 247 466 957 1,430 2,760 40'' Length* 81 170 …

Kele Gas and Specialty Sensors | Kele

Kele Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Kele Carbon Dioxide Sensors and more building automation productions available to ship. At Kele we make it easy to find the …

Standard LP gas pressures and natural gas pressure ...

May 16, 2016· Natural gas in the natural gas service line pressure in the gas main in the street will be found at pressures from 60 psi down to as low as psi or about 7 inches of water column. Natural gas pressure at the gas meter: Depending on the application gas meters may operate at 7" , to psig, or at pressures over psig.

Installation Manual Contents

Dec 22, 2010· Weight Installation Type Venting Type Ignition Water Pressure (minmax) ... Gas Pressure Sensor Gas Pipe Secondary Heat Exchanger Primary Heat Exchanger APS Venturi Burner Ignition Transformer Air Pressure Sensor Exhaust Duct ... CAN/CSA , Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code.

Electrical Area Classification of natural gas piping ...

Aug 19, 2013· The design engineer has classified the area around the gas rack as Class I Group D Division 2. And, the result is a big change order and delay from the gas rack manufacturer. There are no other sources of flammable gas in the area, only the natural gas in the pipe. The design engineer is looking at codes like NFPA 497 and API 500 figure 104 to ...


NATURAL GAS SPECS SHEET ... SEDIMENT WEIGHT % D473 MAX MAX MAX FLASH POINTPENSKY °F D93 150 MIN ... Determination of water content at high pressure ISO 122131:1997 Natural gas Calculation of compression factor Part 1: Introduction and guidelines

Natural Gas Pressure Transmitters SensorsONE

Natural Gas Pressure Transmitters. 420mA current output sensors for monitoring the pressure of natural gas. Measure very low inlet and output pressure or very high natural gas bottle pressures. Where there is the potential for natural gas to be present in the local atmosphere, special approval options such as ATEX intrinsic safety are available.

Molar Volume and Molecular Weight of Gasses

A Vernier pressure sensor is available in the lab, which can measure pressure changes in gases, but can also easily measure the current atmospheric pressure. The procedure for setting up this sensor is as follows: 1. Plug the cord from the Pressure Sensor box into one of the four channels (CH1, CH2, etc.) on the LabPro box. 2.

Natural Gas Detector and Propane Detector. Natural Gas ...

Y201 Propane and Natural Gas Leak Detector; Portable Gas Sniffer to Locate Gas Leaks of Combustible Gases Like Methane, LPG, LNG, Fuel, Sewer Gas; w/ Flexible Sensor Neck, Sound LED Alarm, eBook out of 5 stars 3,465

Residential Gas Delivery System Installation Sizing

Gas: Natural • Inlet Pressure: Less than 2 psi • Pressure Drop: in. • Specific Gravity: TUBE SIZE (EHD)* Flow designation: 13 15 18 19 23 25 30 31 37 39 46 48 60 62 Length (ft) Capacity in Cubic Feet of Gas per Hour 5 46 63 115 134 225 270 471 546 895 1,037 1,790 2,070 3,660 4,140

Waukesha gas engines CMU Product Catalog

Fisher S200 gas regulator replacement . Fisher S200 gas regulator conversion including new gas regulators, piping, and brackets. Simplified gas regulator operation and maintenance, removes obsolete S200 gas regulators . S200 gas regulator maintenance (1) G962533 . PROPRIETARY INFORMATION KEEP CONFIDENTIAL.

Natural Gas Pressure Regulators — Measurement Control Systems

Natural Gas Pressure Regulators. We''re the largest distributor of Elster Gas Regulators in the United States. Call us TollFree 1 (844)2637582 for any assistance or questions. We carry one of the largest inventories of American Meter Regulators in the United States.