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The Probe zirconium dioxide oxygen sensors offer standard and fast response times from as little as four seconds. Various probe lengths, cable lengths, and a standard and extended temperature range are available. The Probe zirconium dioxide oxygen sensor offer a linear output signal, a lifetime of up to 10 years (depending on the application ...


long temperature probe,3pin connector,1 apply to 1 Wire digital thermometer (H200 sensor) Save ; USB Industrial Thermocouple Thermometer Metal Case with 0~1024C Ktype Probe Email Alarm Data Remote apply to Boiler High Temperature Environmental Detection Save

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Nov 11, 2021· The resistance temperature probe works on the principle that sensor resistance is a function of the sensed temperature. The platinum RTD has very good accuracy, linearity, stability and repeatability. The model ETT10PT resistance temperature …

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Probes Sensors. Probes. Digital Inventory Probes. Analog Inventory Line Leak Probes. Flexible Inventory Probes. Probe Installation. Probe Install Kits. Float Kits. Standard Float Kits. Low Level Water Float For Diesel. Phase Separation Float Kits. Density Float Kits. Sensors. Multiplexing Sensor Hub.

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Follett 01062801 Temperature Probe/Sensor with Connector, 10K Ohm, NTC. Follett 01062801 Temperature Probe/Sensor with Connector, 10K Ohm, NTC. In Stock, ships today. View Full Details. List Price: My Price: Add to cart. View Full Details. Add to My Parts. In My Parts.

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Remote Temperature Probes feature a ” long stainless steel probe with either PlenumRated, FEPJacketed or HalogenFree Cable in lengths of 18”, 10’, and 20’. Remote Probes are commonly used in refrigerated case or strapon applications. They are ideal for hardtoaccess areas or for applications where the usual Immersion or Duct Sensors do not fit well. […]

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Thermocouple probes vs. Thermocouple wire? It is important to remember that the only temperature a temperature sensor measures is its own temperature. That said, the selection of a probe style sensor vs. a wire style sensor is a matter of how best to get the thermocouple junction to the process temperature you are trying to measure.

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10K Temperature Sensor Probe, DROK 5pcs 1 Meter Waterproof Temp Sensor Probe, Stainless Steel 3950 NTC Temp Sensor Probe, Digital Temperature Transmitter Extension Cable out of 5 …

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Norlake Probes Sensors. Search by Serial Number. Search. Enter your pre2012 Norlake serial number just as it appears on the equipment for – capital letters, hyphens and all – to see an exact list of parts and accessories, specific to your model.

MultiTrode. For ultrareliable level sensing and control.

The mounting bracket is a standard accessory supplied with the multisensor probes (3sensor and 10sensor probes) and is available as an optional extra on the single sensor probe. The sump pack is also ideal for primary pump control in industrial applications.

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3300 5mm Proximity Probe. Sensor and Transducer System. The 3300 5mm Proximity Transducer System offers a smaller probe diameter while interfacing with XL 8mm extension cable and 5mm proximity sensor. The system provides an output voltage that is directly proportional to the distance between the probe tip and the observed conductive surface.

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Application area. For measurement in conductive and nonconductive liquids. A full/empty adjustment is necessary for setup. The VEGACAL 63 level sensor can be used universally for the measurement of conductive and nonconductive liquids. The rod electrode is fully insulated and the proven mechanical construction offers high functional safety.

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Dec 02, 2019· Scanning probe electrochemistry (SECM) is particular suited to sensor research. SECM has been and continues to be, employed in a variety of sensor and biosensor studies. Through the use of SECM, it is possible to answer a number of questions about sensor systems, as outlined in …