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Road Tunnel Ventilation Control System

inverter panel Variable speed control of jetfan p26 Jetfan inverter panel p28 of ventilation control system ... Sensor (traffic counter (TC), carbon monoxide meter (CO), visibility index meter (VI), airflow meter (AV), fire sensor, traffic incident detector)

JetVent Fans, Controllers, and Sensors

The preconfigured Digital JetVent Control Center responds to varying levels of pollutants, as reported by the sensors, and varies the operating speed of the fan (s), and therefore the ventilation rate, by zone. This controller can also vary the speed of supply and exhaust fans and integrate their operation with overall ventilation requirements ...

Car Park Ventilation System Design Fan Quantities …

Placement of CO sensors: Because the guidelines for positioning CO sensors in AS/:2012 is based on a ducted system, we propose that the following guidelines be used as a starting point for their placement in a jet fan system. No part of the enclosure shall be greater than 25 metres from a …

Ventilation for Enclosed Parking Garages

CO sensors were used to control the operacwM:ITY 1n STU/IH oo·o816rwe 500/o RH 75•0 2 5•W8 9J''l!,RH (Circle No. 53 on Reader Card) 54 ASHRAE Journal tion of thi.: supply fans. From the licld study. the following results were ob­ tained: I. All the tcskd enclosed parking garages had Clln· taminant kvds that are sig­

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Example of Jet Fan System Stage 1. In daytoday operation the system runs in low speed, ensuring carbon monoxide and other contaminants are within acceptable limits. Control is via strategically placed detectors. If a fire starts in one of the vehicles and smoke spreads, the system starts.

Control Center Destratification Fans, HVLS Fans, and ...

JetVent Fans Control Center is designed as a complete standalone garage ventilation management control system that generates significant energy savings. The preconfigured Control Center responds to varying levels of pollutants, as reported by the sensors, and varies the operating speed of the fans. The Control Center can also vary the speed ...

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ZE15CO Carbon Monoxide Module. view details. ME2COD14x50C Carbon Monoxide sensor/CO Sensor. view details. Electrochemical CO Module ZE03CO For Industrial Use. view details. ME2CO Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide Sensor with UL certificate. view details. ME2COФ14x14 Carbon Monoxide sensor/CO Sensor.

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Benefits of Jet Fan Systems: Space saving – jet fan systems are more discreet and take up considerably less room than ducted ones. Energy saving – they are often combined with Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection to initiate CO control, this ensures that fans are precisely controlled to dilute pollution without running unnecessarily.

Automatic fan speed control circuit by Arduino

Speed of fan can be varied by changing the input supply, if w need to change the fan speed depends on temperature changes means we can implement the following application note with Arduino and temperature sensor LM 35. Circuit diagram. Construction and Working

Designing a JetVent Parking Garage Ventilation System

CO sensors will be more effective if placed in areas where CO levels are likely to be high. For example, do not place sensors adjacent to the fresh air intake. If JetVent fans are placed in each traffic lane of the garage, and Recommended Fan spacing is followed, the plan outlined above can be achieved by using one CO sensor per fan, and ...

Car park ventilation system with jet fans Industrial fans

Jet fans can be arranged in groups, controlled by corresponding groups of CO or CH4 sensors. The quantity of air to be moved can thus be regulated in response to requirements. As this is achieved at relatively low air velocities, energy is saved.

Carbon Monoxide Sensor Transmitter for Basement Car Park

We are glad to introduce you to our best, Compact Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensor Transmitter For Basement Ventilation Automatic Fan Control Systems, Carbon …

JetVent Fans

The Control Center communicates with JetVent fans, integrated sensors, supply fans and exhaust fans to dynamically control the rate of ventilation according to the CO or NO 2 pollutant levels, or temperature in the space. This control system costs less to install, is simple to commission, and easy to monitor.


induction jet fans for use in fire risk zones with CI a low profile Longrange 300 ºC/2h and 400 ºC/2h centrifugal induction jet fans for use in fire risk zones with a low profile. Fan: • Sheet steel casing. • Turbine with reaction blades in extremely robust sheet steel. • IAT series safety switch built into the fan.